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  • Japanese Course

    Learn how to speak Japanese at our professional business-oriented language centre in Hong Kong. We believe learning should be fun! We instil a communicative approach to ensure a passionate and personalized learning experience for all of our students.

    General Japanese

    Our General Japanese course offers students an opportunity to study grammar, to focus on speaking, listening, writing and reading through roleplay, conversations, discussions and drills. Upon completion of this course, students will gain confidence in all aspects of General Japanese as we integrate the perfect combination of theoretical and practical learning exercises, including how to apply core teachings throughout your everyday life.

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  • Advanced
  • Business Japanese Course

    The Business Japanese course is specially designed for business executives who have a preliminary understanding of the Japanese language, but are challenged when using business phrases or fully comprehending business documents. This tailor-made Business Japanese course helps business executives to both understand Japanese etiquette and to handle business situations in a professional manner.

    French Course

    Our French course is designed for students who are passionate about the French language and want to discover the rich French culture. At BILI, you can learn French in a group or through private tuition - the choice is yours.

    Our French lessons include a meticulous combination of conversing, listening, pronunciation and grammar, which aim to teach you how to communicate with native French speakers. Our teachers, together with the aid of textbooks, aim to provide useful, up-to-date and interesting course materials, as well as encouraging students to practice French in a practical manner. Upon completion of this entire course, students will build confidence and achieve fluency in the French language.

    General French
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

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